How Ravi Sankar Vanquished Diabetes

N Ravi Sankar

How Ravi Sankar Vanquished Diabetes


For Mr Ravi Sankar, diabetes had been a health concern for as long as he could remember. His medicines had only increased over time with the issue, and other supplementary issues like cholesterol had also cropped up which only led to more medicines


So when his doctor suggested him about our 6 month Superhero Dietary Program, he was more than happy to take it up and take back charge of his life!

He started out making progress and could experience results every week. They started with inch losses across his body and gradually he started losing the excess weight across his body too


He was taken through different stages of the program, involving intermittent fasting, utilizing ketosis etc and then was finally asked to go for a proper blood test to check his progress on the program

The amazing progress of Mr N Ravi Sankar!



His results were excellent as he had not only got his sugars well under control (Reducing HbA1c from 6.2 to 5.7 and Post lunch sugar from 206 to 123), his cholesterol levels had also improved significantly (Triglyceride levels from 174 to 156). His insulin resistance levels also showed significant improvements as his Fasting Insulin came down from 10.6 to 6.19, all this while also shedding more than 6 KG of excess weight.


When he went back to his doctor with these reports, he was able to bring down his number of medicines from 4 to just 1 single tablet. All this progress in less than 3 months!


Ravi Sankar is a true Aarogyahaar Superhero


Pass this story on to someone you care about. So that they, too, can vanquish any lifestyle disease and become an Aarogyahaar Superhero.


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Rajan Mahendra

Mr Rajan Mahendra has worked for more than 25 years across almost 40 business verticals as a business consultant. Due to his hectic and irregular schedule, he had a health scare at the young age of 34, suffering a mini stroke. After taking medicines for almost 10 years, he started developing more complications as side effects of the medicines. After co-founding a pharmacy chain across the city and scaling it up successfully, he realized medicines were doing more harm than good and set up 'Aarogyahaar' to spread information about the power of food and healthy lifestyles!

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