How Superhero Arpana Tiwari left Hypothyroidism and Weight Issues Behind

How Superhero Arpana Tiwari overcame Hypothyroidism


Arpana was just entering her 30s when she started developing alarming signs of Hypothyroidism.


Add to that, she also developed anemia, gained weight, had knee pains and acidity, all of this at such a young age.


Adamant to not get started on medication, she came to us for a solution. When asked to go for reports, we were shocked at a high TSH level (a primary marker for Thyroid) of 11(normal range <3).

Her hemoglobin too was down to 10, which was causing the anemia.


Arpana took up our Superhero Dietary program, utilizing our delicious natural foods to regain her health


Over the six months, her TSH was brought back to 6.4 and her Hemoglobin pushed back into the normal range. Her knee pains were taken care of, her acidity completely resolved, and she lost more than 5 KGs in the process.

Arpana had extremely high TSH levels

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Mr Rajan Mahendra has worked for more than 25 years across almost 40 business verticals as a business consultant. Due to his hectic and irregular schedule, he had a health scare at the young age of 34, suffering a mini stroke. After taking medicines for almost 10 years, he started developing more complications as side effects of the medicines. After co-founding a pharmacy chain across the city and scaling it up successfully, he realized medicines were doing more harm than good and set up 'Aarogyahaar' to spread information about the power of food and healthy lifestyles!

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