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Hi Everyone, I am Rajan Mahendra, Founder of Aarogyahaar, which means food that heals (food for the body and food for the mind). We run alternative therapy for disease reversal and also offer wellness / disease prevention programs (more about it later)


Getting back to me, I have worn lot of professional hats – Consultant, Strategist, CEO, Mentor, Researcher, Life Coach, Health Coach and many more. As a Consultant I am skilled to deep dive into client problems and offer solutions. Majorly I worked with Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, Diagnostics – in short Health care or should I call it Disease or Sickness care.


I am a non-smoker, non-alcoholic, vegetarian, not someone who is too much stressed out yet I found myself struck with TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack – a semi stroke, caused by a clot in the brain) at the ripe age of 34 which grounded me for 6 months before medications helped in dissolving the clot but alas the very medicines that solved one problem created another, this time arthritis and obesity as well. (All this while I was working with Pharma companies and even selling medicines in my Pharmacy chain)

Mr Rajan Mahendra, founder of Aarogyahaar

I was determined to get out of sickness, and so studied Nutrition, Ayurveda, Physiology, Biochemistry, Psychology and exercise science (Remember I told you about my skill for deep diving into various subjects and solving problems, this time for my own self).

Having studied, I started applying it on myself and to my surprise I started healing myself! In the process I also lost all the weight I put on over the years to come to my original close to ideal body weight.


I discovered that to be healthy we need to eat right, understand and manage emotions, use medicines only in emergency (not lifelong) and be physically active in any way that keeps us joyful. I left my pharmacy business and started Aarogyahaar in 2014.


I hired a team of Nutritionists to handle the clients while I would research and empower them with the knowledge and motivation to add to the qualifications they already have. Together in the last 4.5 years we have worked with over 14000 individuals across the globe and helped them reverse their diseases (63 and counting). We even enrolled Doctors as Advisors to help us understand the diseases better.


We also need to get good quality unrefined foods straight from the source to help us in our journey from disease to wellness so I realised we need to establish that link between farm to consumer’s plate. Today we have established a reasonable supply chain in and around Hyderabad city for some key kitchen ingredients that are important from disease reversal perspective. This has also given us a vision to help the rural poor and solve the problems of rural economic deprivation.


To know more about us or if you need help for yourself or family and friends do visit our website and sign up on any of our relevant programs. If you are interested in helping people with health and also some decent returns for your investment you are welcome to team up with us as Franchisee.

For checking out the diseases we have worked on, please go to:

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Looking forward to this exciting journey of making positive contribution to people’s lives!


Rajan Mahendra

About the Author

Rajan Mahendra

Mr Rajan Mahendra has worked for more than 25 years across almost 40 business verticals as a business consultant. Due to his hectic and irregular schedule, he had a health scare at the young age of 34, suffering a mini stroke. After taking medicines for almost 10 years, he started developing more complications as side effects of the medicines. After co-founding a pharmacy chain across the city and scaling it up successfully, he realized medicines were doing more harm than good and set up 'Aarogyahaar' to spread information about the power of food and healthy lifestyles!

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