Are Diabetes and Blood Sugar Different?


One of the most common questions asked by people today is ‘what is the difference between diabetes and blood sugar?’


It is very important to understand how diabetes and sugar are two completely different things. While one is a disease, your blood sugar levels are a symptom that you may have diabetes!

So What is Diabetes?

Let us take a common example of an Air Conditioner. An Air conditioner has a thermostat which is used to maintain the temperature of the room. Now, if you keep increasing and decreasing the temperature, the thermostat of the AC might stop working. THIS is what exactly happens in our body when we regularly consume refined foods!

To explain further, when you eat refined foods regularly, your blood sugar levels increase very rapidly, and fall back down at the same rate. While the body can handle such instances occasionally, this happens in your bodies daily for years together due to the high consumption of refined foods! After a point of  time, the body loses control over the maintenance of the blood sugar levels, and this condition is known as diabetes.


This also highlights another major problem with most medicines that are available today to tackle the disease. The medicines work on normalising your blood sugar levels, when in reality they are making your disease even worse! By reducing blood sugar levels, the medicines give you a false sense of security that your diseases is under control. In reality, your disease is only getting worse because your body’s own ability to control the blood sugar levels has been completely lost!

This is also verifiable by a very simple observation. To maintain the same amount of blood sugar levels, your dosage levels of the medication will always keep increasing. 

Do you think if the medicine really cured your disease, would the dosage keep increasing throughout?

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Rajan Mahendra

Mr Rajan Mahendra has worked for more than 25 years across almost 40 business verticals as a business consultant. Due to his hectic and irregular schedule, he had a health scare at the young age of 34, suffering a mini stroke. After taking medicines for almost 10 years, he started developing more complications as side effects of the medicines. After co-founding a pharmacy chain across the city and scaling it up successfully, he realized medicines were doing more harm than good and set up 'Aarogyahaar' to spread information about the power of food and healthy lifestyles!

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