Our Founder

Rajan Mahendra

I have worn lot of professional hats – Consultant, Strategist, CEO, Mentor, Researcher, Life Coach, Health Coach and many more. As a Consultant I am skilled to deep dive into client problems and offer solutions. I worked majorily with Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, Diagnostics – in short Health care or call it Disease or Sickness care.

Inspite of healthy habits, I was struck with TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack – a semi stroke, caused by a clot in the brain) at the ripe age of 34 which grounded him for 6 months before medications helped in dissolving the clot but alas the very medicines that solved one problem created another, this time arthritis and obesity as well.

In the process to get out of sickness, I was able to discover that to be healthy we need to eat right, understand and manage emotions, use medicines only in emergency (not lifelong) and be physically active in any way that keeps us joyful. I left pharmacy business and started Aarogyahaar in 2014.

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Our Mission

Eradicate Disease
Enable Wellness
Empower People

with energy and enthusiasm to pursue their life’s purpose

Our Vision

To educate, counsel, motivate clients in understanding root cause of disease, i.e., wrong foods, emotional imbalance and incorrect use of medicines

Enabling them in adopting the right foods, positive emotional balance, appropriate use of medicine to achieve and maintain wellness

To connect urban consumers with rural producers of whole foods that create health and wellness