How Pushpa Sreenivasan overcame Diabetes and Thyroid

How Pushpa Sreenivasan overcame Diabetes and Thyroid

Pushpa Sreenivasan, one of Hyderabad’s first speech therapists, had been suffering from a number of health issues for a long time. Her diabetes and thyroid levels had been elevated forever, which meant she was on a huge number of medicines to keep her parameters in check.



She had also developed joint pains, edema (water retention), put on weight and other side effects due to the medications. Her parameters were far from under control, with her HbA1c (average 3-month sugar) around 7.5 (normal is under 5.7), TSH (thyroid marker) around 6.83 (normal <3) and high fasting insulin levels.

After about 3 months on the Superhero Dietary Program, she has been making steady progress in her health and is at a much better state than when she began.

Not only has she dropped her fasting Insulin levels to 12.4 from 19.25, but her vitamin levels have also improved from 6.5 to 36

Not only this, her TSH has dropped down from 6.83 to 5.14, and her edema is almost completely gone.

Pushpa Srinivasan had High Diabetes and Hypothyroidism Levels

From not being able to walk more than a few meters due to constant joint pains and edema, she has now started walking for 20 minutes every day in the morning, and has snatched back the control of her life

Pushpa Sreenivasan is an Aarogyahaar Superhero

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