Our Advisors

We have advisors who provide compassionate, clear, confidential and timely advice to patients based on their nature of symptoms. They help you make practical changes that lead to a healthier lifestyle and to put your health in the best possible hands. Yours



Dr. Sharmista Choudhury is one of the most reputed general physicians in Hyderabad. With almost 30 years of experience, she has delved deep in to the nutritional and psychosomatic aspects of modern medicine.

Over the years, she has established herself as one of the most patient and discussion-oriented doctors in Hyderabad, who provides her diagnosis only after thoughtfully listening and understanding all aspects of apatient's problems.


Founder and CEO, Sangiti

Sivan is an expert in Digital Healthcare workflows and solutions aimed at Clinical outcomes, setting up and managing large software and R&D teams in the Healthcare domain and innovative and modern product/solution development methodologies.

Sivan has rich corporate experience across leading global firms like Siemens and GE, specifically in the area of healthcare. At Siemens, he was the Chief Technology officer for SW, India and provided functional and strategic leadership to the GE Healthcare Digital teams.

Sivan is now building Sangiti, a healthcare services curator and orchestrator. They carefully select best in class providers, integrate them and deliver a highly personalised and efficient outcome oriented service: Sangiti.com


Founder Director, Univbrands

Sumit has made a career of encouraging people to grow their businesses into brands. He runs “the world’s smallest learn-by-earning university” which has no classrooms, no lectures, no employees: www.univbrands.com

‘Students’ learn by earning, on their own businesses. Univbrands’ ‘students’ range from home based entrepreneurs to managers in multi-national corporations spread all over the world: USA, Canada, Chile, UK, Spain, Italy, Russia, South Africa, UAE, Mauritius, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. He operates from Kolkata.

Sumit learned how to grow brands in the 14 years he spent with Ogilvy & Mather. Then he learned how to grow people who grow brands in the four years he spent at Lintas.

Sumit is a Visiting Faculty at IIM A, IIM C, SPJIMR, FMS, Symbiosis, MICA and other management institutes for Brand Building, Idea Management and Communication Skills.